Use TickleTrain to Close More Leads

Use TickleTrain to Close More Leads

Not All Leads Are Created Equal

Lets face it, it’s hard to close every single lead out there. The truth is this: not all leads are the same. The reality is that some leads start out being cold from the beginning while other leads warm up and turn into new paying customers. So how do you know which leads are the best to pursue? There really isn’t time to pursue every lead that comes across your desk. How do you know which ones are the best?

Missed Opportunities

If you are just guessing which ones to stay focused on, while others are left to wilt away, you are missing a huge opportunity. Its really a catch 22 because it’s really almost impossible to know which leads are best.

The Solution

What if you had a way of knowing which leads were best? TickleTrain is a drip marketing program that puts you in complete control of automating your communications with prospective customers. TickelTrain puts you in control of automating your communications with prospective customers. Your leads can get a personalized communication from you as if you spent the time to type it yourself. These small nudges and various nurturing content, put you in front of prospective buyers without being a nuisance. And when they are ready to purchase, the top-of-mind awareness you’ve created and your diligent communications, will make the recipent think of you first and at the same time make them feel important. You will be chosen over competitors time and time again.

Try to Free Now

Right now, you can try TicklrTrain for free. With TickleTrain, you’ll be turning cold leads into more paying customers, boosting productivity, and maximizing sales. Just head over to TickleTrain now and sign up for the Blue Line plan. You’ll be able to use up to 10 campaigns, have unlimited tickles, use whatever branding you’d like, and full access to the gmail chrome plugin. Are you ready to grow your business? Put your emails on autopilot with TickleTrain.

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